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Our business career began in 1990 taking an industrial process to offer services such as forestry and marketer of wood.

From the beginning, our organizational structure has been adapted at any time to business evolution, management systems and our policy and strategy of being close to our customers, identifying their needs, requirements and anticipate the future.

Within our strategic plan, as the years go by and watching the poplar as a future and sustainable tree, our activity expands, beginning in 2003 with a first transformation of wood.

In 2008 and always attending to our commitment to the sustainability of poplar, the cycle of transformation is closed, starting to produce our own plywood for packaging.

During our 25 years of history, we have evolved in parallel with market needs and the most demanding customers, we supply our plywood board to major customers of national packaging and we have already started our project of internationalization of our products, positioning in strategic points for our expansion.

We remain committed to the future, and our team is and will be prepared to achieve success.

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Environmental Commitment

Our commitment to the environment and sustainable forest management is demonstrated through the implementation of the chain of custody (CoC) in our company, thus allowing to prove the legal origin of all our supplies and certificate nature of our products.

This commitment is evidenced by the CoC policy and our customers can check the scope of our CoC through the certificate we have given (PEFC).


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We are currently located in two production plants (Valencia and Palencia) from where, and in key positions, we provide our raw material and offer a complete service to our customers.

In constant process of innovation, both plant, machinery and procedures are submitted to constant evolution which allows to maximize production and minimize environmental impact.


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UN Covenant

In Infoyma, S.L. we have committed to adopt ten universal principles promoted by the Covenant of the United Nations in favor of human rights, labor standards, non-discrimination, the elimination of child labor, environmental protection and the fight against corruption.

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