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Plywood Quality

About Us

Our business career began in 1990 adoptinging an industrial process to offer services such as a forestry and wood trading company.

From the beginning, our organizational structure has been adapted at any time to business evolution, management systems and our policy and strategy of being close to our customers, identifying their needs, requirements and anticipate the future.

(2003) Within our strategic plan, as our the years go by and watching the poplar as a future and sustainable tree, our activity expands, beginning in 2003 with a first transformation of wood..

(2008) Our desire to be at the side of our clients to be able to satisfy their needs and quality requirements, moved us to go further and implement the second transformation of wood. In this way, we could control entire production and transformation cycle of poplar: we could commericalize poplar wood board manufactured entirely in our entreprises.

(2012) It was decided to centralize the productive part of the unrolling of wood log and INFOYMA PALENCIA was established in the town of Vilamuriel de Cerrato.

This decision allowed us to be closer to the raw material, thus reducing logistics costs and improving production process.

(2021) Continuing with our objective of strengthening our market’s position, we began a new stage focused on industrial panel manufacture. For this, we open INFOYMA CALATAYUD.

In Infoyma Group we remain committed to the future, and our team is and will be prepared to achieve success.