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The Choplar. Our Raw Material

In today’s world, the use of wood, in a sustainable way, is increasing year by year and decade after decade. Within the timber forest world, a species is gaining special relevance, which is called to be the wood of the 21st century.


The genus Populus comprises about 40 species of trees. It is a tree that requires for its growth a lot of light, water and alluvial terrain, characteristics that occur in differents places in Spain: basins of the Duero, Ebro, Genil and areas of Girona and Castilla-León.

Genus Populus species share a series of botanical traits of great importance, wich together with development of cultural techniques and appropriate industrial technology, are the key to generalization of poplar cultivation worldwide.


It allows controlled crosses, that is, trough research different clones have been achieved with interesting specific characteristics for their growth: more adaptability to different environments and soils, greater resistence to pests,…

They generate a white wood naturally without chemical treatments,and of low density, wich gives it resistence and lightness.

They are fast-growing trees.

Intensive and technical poplar cultivation is known POPULICULTURE.

Poplar forest management exceeds economics benefits of the exploitation and offers great environmental and social advantages:


  • Ecological benefits
    • The high growth speed of poplar makes it have a great capacity to fix CO2 from the atmosphere and transform it into carbon that is stored in its wood, while returning clean oxygen. This characteristic makes it the leading species in the fight against climate change.
  • Environmental benefits
    • Improves the hydrological behavior of the river cave.
    • Purification o
    • Purification or interception of contaminants existing in surface runoff and water table before they reach the river.
  • Social benefits
    • Contributes to the maintenance of the population in rural areas by requiring labor for the management and care poplars.