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Plywood Quality

Infoyma Plywood Pannel

Poplar plywood has traditionally been used in the manufacture of fruit and vegetable packaging because of its good aseptic qualities, strength and flexibility.

Today, their employment has grown considerably. In fact, we find that the largest market share of plywood is occupied, not by “traditional products” (light packaging) but by other products that need a more technically developed plywood, for example the INDUSTRIAL PLYWOOD PANNEL.

Plywood is a type of wood panel composed of the union of several natural wood veneers, using different glues or adhesives.

This production process gives the plywood board its main technical characteristics:

  • Resistence
  • Lightness
  • Stability
  • Ease of working and machining
  • Flexibility

Thanks to these qualities, poplar plywood has become a perfect substitute for other facts with denser woods and more difficult to obtain.

Some of its applications are:

  • Structural use
  • Furniture manufacturing
  • Wall cladding
  • Naval and aeronautical carpentry
  • Transport sector
  • Packaging

Our proposal INFOYMA PLYWOOD PANNEL consists in the manufacture of a light panel manufactured, poplar 100% sheets, or a mix poplar-ilomba sheets or a mix calaboo-poplar sheets. This material is characterized by:

  • Glue E1
  • Formaldehyde emission
  • Quality sides possibility
  • Dimensions: 2550x1220 y 2440x1220 y 1220x1220 mm
  • Thickness

Plywood composition