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Plywood Quality


Orientation towards wealth, value and economic growth creation, based on profitability and sustained profit by avoiding cost or incidents and anything that does not add value to our management and results.

COMMITMENT TO OUR CUSTOMERS by offering the best products and services. We work together with them to be able to identify needs and take advantage of commercial opportunities that may arise in the market.

COMMITMENT TO OUR SUPPLIERS, paying special attention to them and involving them in our entire production process.

COMMITMENT TO all PEOPLE who are part of our organisation, creating safe and healthy places for the development of our activity.

COMMITMENT TO SUSTAINABILITY. Defining and creating eco-friendly processes and activities, caring for our environment and applying in its management the use of raw materials, responsibility and sustainability criteria.

COMMITMENT to COLLABORATION with ORGANIZATIONS, ASSOCIATIONS and ENTITIES in our social environment, participating and contributing all our experience and support in projects that contribute to economic and social development.

COMMITMENT TO R+D+i implemented at all times our production process, though continuos research and search for improvements in processes, products,… to increasingly adjust to commercial and technical standards required by the market.

COMMITMENT TO GROWTH and CONTINUOS IMPROVEMENT: one of the most important ideas at INFOYMA is continuos improvement, both of the company and of the human team that make it up.

That is why the continuos training of our employees and their capacity and change management are promoted.

Collaboration with organizations, associations and institutions of our social environmentby participating and contributing all our experience, assistance and support to everything that contributes to socio-economic and cultural development.